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Making the Around the World Kit Experience

Making the Around the World Kit Experienc

Posted by Emma N. on 04.13.21

Emma Nicholas shares her experience preparing Tastefully Simple’s new Around the World Kit with her college roommates. read more »

My Business Started With a Kitnapping

My Business Started With a Kitnapping

Posted by Guest Blogger on 04.08.21

Michelle McKay was just looking for a great deal on her favorite Tastefully Simple products. Instead, she found a successful new business. read more »

have a flavor adventure

Have a Flavor Adventure

Posted by Rebecca R. on 04.05.21

Have a flavor adventure by switching up proteins and fillings in Tastefully Simple’s Around the World Kit and be ready for all-around praise! read more »

How to Make Mile-High Key Lime Pie

How to Make Mile-High Key Lime Pie

Posted by Jen T. on 03.31.21

Ready for a little taste of the tropics? So are we! Key Lime Cheese Ball Mix is back by popular demand, only for a limited time. Here’s how to make it into an unbelievably creamy no-bake pie, topped with toasted coconut and macadamia nuts … read more »

Blog post title  (if different from recipe name)	11 Menus for Meatless Monday

11 Menus for Meatless Monday

Posted by Jen T. on 03.25.21

What exactly is Meatless Monday? It’s a movement dedicated to eating plant-based meals one day per week. The ultimate goal: a healthier YOU and a healthier planet. Here are 11 delicious ways to give it a try! read more »

A Pair of Waffley Good Recipes

A Pair of Waffley Good Recipes

Posted by Keri M. on 03.25.21

Wonderful waffles: they're not just for breakfast anymore. Check out recipes for a sunny citrus waffle, a chocolicious dessert waffle "taco" and more. read more »

Taste the Tropics!

Posted by Jane N. on 03.23.21

Give your taste buds a tropical vacation with the Taste the Tropics Kit, including refreshing beverages, super sliders, amazing appetizers and more. read more »

Easy Easter Dessert: Mai Tai Orange Trifle

Easy Easter Dessert: Mai Tai Orange Trifle

Posted by Jen T. on 03.18.21

Staying at home for Easter this year? Or having a smaller celebration than usual? You can keep it simple – and make it special! Here’s how to make your own Mai Tai Orange Trifle layered with fluffy orange cake, citrusy whipped cream, and sweet mandarin oranges. read more »

DIY Easter Basket

DIY Easter Basket

Posted by Rebecca R. on 03.16.21

The Easter bunny is putting a fun DIY treat in the kids' Easter basket this year – they’re going to love it! read more »

The Secret Sauce: Tastefully Simple's Unique Culture

The Secret Sauce: Tastefully Simple's Unique Culture

Posted by Guest Blogger on 03.12.21

Monica Griffith's already-full life was made even more rewarding when she discovered Tastefully Simple's welcoming, supportive culture. Starting her own home-based business has brought a new world of cash, flavor and fun! read more »

11 St. Paddy’s Day Dinners

Posted by Jen T. on 03.10.21

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at home this year? Or want to have a wee bit o’ fun with your favorite lads and lasses?
Good news, mate! You can still make your local pub favorites right in your own kitchen. In fact, here are 11 delicious dinners and desserts perfect for St. Paddy’s Day. read more »



Posted by Laura L. on 03.08.21

There’s a day for everything, including meatballs. March 9 is National Meatball Day. Try one of these tasty meatball recipes for a fun and simple dinner any day of the year. read more »

 mai tai blog post

My, Oh Mai Tai! 3 Desserts

Posted by Keri M. on 03.03.21

No need to go to a tiki bar to experience tropical bliss. Versatile Mai Tai Cheese Ball Mix™ allows you to enjoy the flavor of your favorite cocktail to so many delicious ways! read more »

Honest Review: 1 Week of Freezer to Oven Meals

Posted by Jen T. on 02.25.21

Cook one day. Eat five days. That’s the whole idea behind Tastefully Simple’s NEW Freezer to Oven 5-Meal Kit. Here’s a closer look at my family’s full week of freezer meals, along with a few tips, tricks and takeaways! read more »

5 Italian Dinner Faves

Posted by Keri M. on 02.23.21

If you're not able to vacation in Rome this year, bring a little bit of Italy to your own table with simple, delicious recipes that evoke the best of "the Boot." read more »

NEW Asian Garlic Dip Mix: 9 Ways

Posted by Jen T. on 02.18.21

Ready for a taste of adventure? Even if you can’t travel far this summer, you can still give your tastebuds a little getaway. From global-inspired dips to dinners, NEW Asian Garlic Dip Mix is just the ticket! read more »

Meal Prep: Freezer to Oven

Posted by Jane N. on 02.16.21

Feeling a bit scattered about what to make for dinner? Organization is obtainable when you use a meal prepping plan. Here are some tips! read more »

Gnocchi Dokie: How to Make Restaurant-Style Chicken Soup at Home

Posted by Jen T. on 02.12.21

Love the chicken gnocchi soup served at Italian restaurants? It’s surprisingly easy to stir up your own version, simmering with tender chicken, pillowy potato gnocchi, and garden-fresh vegetables. Here’s how to make it with love at home! read more »

Now in Season

Now in Season

Posted by Laura L. on 02.10.21

Sunny flavors, bright colors and fresh recipes. See what’s new and now in season. read more »

What's to LOVE About Tastefully Simple Online Parties?

Posted by Keri M. on 02.05.21

Despite restrictions on gatherings and social distancing, Tastefully Simple consultants are finding that now is the best time to grow their businesses with the aid of technology. read more »

Game On: 13 Snacks for Super Sunday

Posted by Jen T. on 02.03.21

Love football? Or just love the commercials? Whatever makes you cheer this weekend, one thing is certain: your snacks can score big. From saucy meatballs to slow-cooked wings, here are a few of our favorite winning recipes – perfect for game day! read more »

6 Valentine’s Day Desserts: Made with Love & Butterscotch Brownie Mix

6 Valentine’s Day Desserts: Made with Love & Butterscotch Brownie Mix

Posted by Jen T. on 01.28.21

Want to make something special for the sweethearts in your life? Maybe earn a few “brownie points”? Here are 6 sweet ways to mix up NEW Butterscotch Brownie Mix, perfect for Valentine’s Day or date night. read more »

Sunny Valentine's Day Desserts

Sunny Valentine's Day Desserts

Posted by Keri M. on 01.25.21

It's simple to give Sunny Lemon Pound Cake & Icing Mix just a little something extra to make it even more special for Valentine's Day or anytime. read more »

Wok It Out: Teriyaki Egg Roll in a Bowl

Posted by Jen T. on 01.22.21

Ready to swap take-out with a healthier, home-cooked dinner? Try egg roll in a bowl! Filled with crunchy slaw and a sweet drizzle of teriyaki, this hearty one-dish skillet is packed with protein and fresh veggies. Plus, you get all the Asian flavors you love – without the extra fat and carbs. read more »

5 Ways to Use Seasoned Pepper

Posted by Keri M. on 01.19.21

Tastefully Simple's Seasoned Pepper takes plain old pepper up a notch, from ho-hum to holy cow! Here's five recipes that prove it. read more »

cocoa bombs!Coc

Cocoa Bombs!

Posted by Jane N. on 01.14.21

You've seen the cocoa bomb craze online. Now you can make your own at home. Try these Oh My! Chai® and Cinnamon Spice cocoa options. read more »

My "Family Business" Is So Rewarding!

Posted by Guest Blogger on 01.11.21

Abby Mason was looking for a little social life – and found a fun and rewarding new business! read more »

Create a Magic Veggie Bin!

Posted by Jane N. on 01.08.21

A little prep is the magical secret to always having healthy veggies on hand and ready for dinner, snacking or anytime. read more »

Skinny Cocktails: 4 Ways to Say Cheers

Posted by Jen T. on 01.05.21

Stay on track with your resolutions, and still enjoy a cocktail or two! NEW in January, Strawberry Lime Margarita Mixer has zero sugar and only 5 calories per serving. (All the taste – without all the guilt!) Wondering how to mix it up? Here’s the skinny … read more »

11 Perfect Recipes for Family New Year’s Parties

Posted by Jen T. on 12.31.20

Staying in this New Year’s Eve? Celebrating at home with your kids or just looking for some fun and festive ways to ring in the new year? Even if you’re staying in your slippers, here are 11 delicious ways to get the party started! read more »

Becoming My Own Consultant Led Me to a Rewarding New Business

Posted by Guest Blogger on 12.29.20

COVID-19 shut down Julie Beane's hair styling business. With time on her hands, she focused on sharing Tastefully Simple – and discovered a delicious, new source of income. read more »

How to Make Candy Cane Pizzas

Posted by Jen T. on 12.22.20

Looking for a festive dinner idea or a fun activity with your kids this week? Behold: homemade candy cane pizzas! Spicy pepperoni and sausage. Melty mozzarella. Buttery, flaky crust. Here’s how to make ‘em, step by step! read more »

Freshen Up Holiday Desserts

Posted by Keri M. on 12.18.20

For holiday desserts, chocolate isn't the only game in town. Try a simple citrus and blackberry-swirled cake to brighten your festive table. read more »

12 Holiday Dinners for 4-6 People

Posted by Jen T. on 12.15.20

Not sure how to downsize your holiday dinner this year? You can make it special, even if it’s small! Here are 12 tasty tips for 4-6 people: read more »

Easy holiday Truffles

Posted by Keri M. on 12.10.20

Making delicious truffles for the holidays is easier than you think! Start with a basic recipe and up the festive factor with creative decorating. read more »

How to Make a Holiday Antipasto Wreath

Posted by Jen T. on 12.08.20

Smoky cured meats. Salty olives and mozzarella. Sweet peppers and tomatoes. “Antipasto” is traditionally the first course of an Italian meal, and now you can give it a ho-ho-holiday twist – all drizzled with the sweet tang of balsamic. read more »

Holiday Cookie Time

Posted by Laura L. on 12.03.20

Now that December has rolled around, it’s officially time for holiday cookies. Check out these three recipes that will be the stars of your cookie tray this year. read more »

Let's Talk Turkey: 10 Leftovers You'll Love

Posted by Jen T. on 11.27.20

Turkey sandwiches. Turkey tetrazzini. Turkey a la king. There are a lot of traditional ways to give that leftover turkey a second (or even third) take. But what if you’re feeling a little more adventurous? Or what if you need to get creative since you’re having a smaller gathering than usual this year – which means even more leftovers? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this collection of unexpected ways to bring out the best of that bird. In face, here are a few of our favorite recipes to make the most of those leftovers – and get your family to gobble ‘em up! read more »

Fruity White Chocolate Cookies

Posted by Rebecca R. on 11.23.20

Looking to amp up your cookies? Add a simple breakfast cereal to make the most colorful cookies! read more »

How to Make Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Posted by Jen T. on 11.18.20

Ready to get into the holiday spirit? Or looking for a fun afternoon activity with your kids? Grab your slippers, and turn on those Hallmark movies. Today we’re making cute cupcakes, perfect for the holidays! read more »

Thumbthing Special for the Holidays

Posted by Keri M. on 11.16.20

Thumbprint cookies are a holiday staple for many. This year, try this favorite with a twist: a sweet, creamy blackberry filling. Blackberry Crumble Bar Mix makes it easy! read more »

Five-Star Thanksgiving Recipes

Posted by Laura L. on 11.12.20

Thanksgiving may look different this year, but there is so much to be thankful for. Our family celebration will be different this year to compared to other years. I’m in charge of cooking, and I’m shaking up the menu with some new takes on Thanksgiving foods. read more »

Holiday Stuffing: 6 Ways to Dress It Up

Posted by Jen T. on 11.10.20

Debating what to do for your holiday dinners this year? Want to try something new for Thanksgiving since you’ll be having a much smaller gathering than usual? Here are six of our favorite ways to make stuffing that’s simple and special: read more »

My Faith Helped Me Change My Life through Tastefully Simple

Posted by Guest Blogger on 11.06.20

When she lost her part-time job to COVID-19, Jessica knew she had to find a new way to make ends meet. A lot of prayer and a leap of faith led her to Tastefully Simple. read more »

9 Easy Autumn Appetizers

Posted by Jen T. on 11.04.20

Not quite sure how to make those holiday celebrations small yet special this year? Behold: easy autumn apps!

Have an appetizer night with your family instead of a big dinner or experiment with a couple new appetizers for Thanksgiving instead of making large side dishes. From brie bites to delicious dips, here are nine of our favorite fall appetizers to help you get started. read more »

Spiced Apple Berry Sauce 4 Ways

Posted by Jane N. on 11.02.20

A little sweet. A little tangy. And a whole lotta flavor! Have you tried Spiced Apple Berry Sauce yet? Here are just four ways this versatile sauce makes life more delicious. read more »

Kid-Approved Halloween Recipes

Posted by Rebecca R on 10.29.20

Whether you have littles at home or just yourself, it’s always fun to get creative in the kitchen. My kids especially like when we swap out hotdish or tacos (the classics) for something a little more fun … read more »

My Business Funded an Unforgettable Family Vacation!

Posted by Guest Blogger on 10.26.20

Sara Porter turned her passion for Tastefully Simple products into a booming business that has brought travel, fun and a delicious life she loves! read more »

Halloween Food Fun

Posted by Laura L. on 10.23.20

Do you like to play with your food? Try these simple ideas for adding Halloween fun to meal time. read more »

Spice It Up: 6 Tastes of Tex-Mex

Posted by Jen T. on 10.21.20

Love to spice things up? Or have someone in your family who likes foods with a little bit of heat?

Even if you’re not a fan of super-spicy foods, there are plenty of simple and delicious ways to add a little zest and zing to your weeknight dinners – without getting burned. From Southwestern-style chowder to sizzling stuffed peppers, here are a few of our favorite ways to kick back and kick it up! read more »

My kids love my cooking - and I love my new business!

Posted by Guest Blogger on 10.19.20

A houseful of picky eaters and income lost to COVID prompted Frank Rice to make a major life change – and the results have been amazing! read more »

Breakfast for Dinner: 3 Ways

Posted by Jen T. on 10.15.20

At our house, breakfast for dinner is part of the usual weeknight rotation, since it tends to be quick, inexpensive – and above all, our kids love it.

But how can you put a new twist on traditional bacon and eggs? Here are three delicious ways to mix ‘em up this week! read more »

7 Slow Cooker Suppers

Posted by Keri M. on 10.13.20

Life gets crazy-busy. Slow cooker to the rescue! Discover a full week of simple, delicious meals that let your slow cooker do the work. read more »

Dough! Edible Cookie Dough

Posted by Rebecca R.. on 10.12.20

Edible cookie dough is here − I’m here for the dough! Make this mix into cookie dough bon bon treats or cookie blossoms. The possibilities are endless. read more »

Got (Wild) Game? We’ve Got Recipes.

Posted by Jane N. on 10.09.20

Have a deer hunter in your family? Or looking to change up your usual dinner routine with a couple more exotic meats from your local butcher or grocery store? Check out these delicious recipes and simple tips for cooking venison and other wild game.... read more »

6 Multi-Cooker Tips

Posted by Jane N. on 10.7.20

Scared of your electric pressure cooker? Try six tips to learn to love cooking under pressure.... read more »

Hey, Pumpkin: Carving, Crafting & Cooking Tips

Posted by Jen T. on 10.5.20

Oh. My. Gourd. Not sure how to make the most of fresh pumpkins? From carving to cooking, here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks.... read more »

My Business Lets Me Make a Difference

Posted by Guest Blogger on 09.14.20

Dreaming of a job that lets you fulfill your dreams AND make a difference in your community? Michelle Gallion found it – and created a life she loves!... read more »

Cooking with Kids: How to Make Lasagna Roll-Ups

Posted by Jen T. on 09.10.20

Cooking with kids can be fun. It can also be messy. Most of the time, it’s a little bit of both. As a mom of two boys, I love sharing little traditions with them, like baking muffins and watching cartoons every Saturday morning. But it’s also great to teach them about different dishes and try new recipes together. Of course, as busy parents, I think most of us have more time – and infinitely more patience – on the weekends. So today we’re featuring a fun twist on traditional lasagna, perfect for rolling up your sleeves together on a Saturday night!... read more »

I switched from teacher to consultant - and never looked back!

Posted by Guest Blogger on 09.28.20

Kelly Wenzel went from a "once-in-a-while" consultant to a full-time career with Tastefully Simple – and in the process created a life she loves! read more »