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Hummus Chicken Wrap

Don't let healthy scare you. These wraps are dangerously delicious!... read more »

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bake

February is still pretty chilly here in Minnesota. It's a time when you still want hearty meals but you want something a little different. I wanted to make a breakfast casserole that was both hearty and good for you.... read more »

Honey Teriyaki Spring Rolls

I love spring rolls. They taste so light and fresh! And even though it looks like they take lots of ingredients and seem tough to make, they're really not! Here's how.... read more »

Extra Easy Jambalaya

Traditional jambalaya takes hours to make. However, with our amazing Southwest Slow Cooker Sauce, you can have it ready to go in 30 minutes. Serve it up with some corn bread!... read more »

Raspberry Chocolate Layered Cupcakes

Check out our fantastic Raspberry Chocolate Layered Cupcakes. They are perfect for Valentine's Day!... read more »

Stained Glass Cookies

These beautiful cookies are great for table decorations and cookie exchanges ... you can even create ornaments with them!... read more »

Turkey Cucumber Roll Ups

I grew up on carbs. Lots and lots of carbs. But here we are in 2015. And I have come to discover there are lots of ways to make delicious snacks and meals that are low in carbs but high in taste!... read more »

Spinach & Herb Fondue

Valentine's Day is coming up and my husband really dislikes going out to restaurants on big "date" holidays. I, on the other hand, love doing something special. So, like a good married couple, we often compromise! We usually stay in and do something FUN for dinner. I was looking for a few ideas and kept stopping on delicious-looking cheese fondue recipes.... read more »

Paleo Basil & Avocado Zucchini Pasta

Even if you're not trying to follow the Paleo diet, odds are you've at least thought about eating healthier since we rang in the New Year. Here's one of my favorite alternatives to regular pasta.... read more »

Raspberry Cheesecake Dip

Make your cheesecake and eat it - guilt-free, too! You're getting a protein-packed snack and who wouldn't want that?... read more »

No photo available

Between game days, gatherings and dinner for the family, you will find lots of opportunities to serve this delicious Buffalo Chicken Chili.... read more »

Sweet Potato Skins

One thing we can ALL rally around during football parties is the food table, packed with appetizers. I'm always looking for great appetizer ideas that don’t make me feel so guilty and this potato skins recipe is just awesome! It's a fun southwestern twist on an old favorite.... read more »