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Jane's kitchen

First off, I love food! I started cooking as a kid - my mom was willing to let me try just about anything, and she was not a "hoverer" (thanks, Mom!). I still spend much of my free time in the kitchen, usually experimenting with Tastefully Simple products. 

I often foist my latest creation upon my very patient family or an unsuspecting neighbor ("Hey - try this!) Whattya think?"). So if you're within 100 yards of my kitchen, watch out!

my favorites

  • The food I make is ... "homey," not "cheffy."
  • My favorite tool to use in the kitchen is ... my sturdy red spatula.
  • My favorite Tastefully Simple product is ... Oh my stars, just one? Ok ... Corn, Black Bean Salsa or Onion Onion™. Wait - maybe Roasted Garlic Infused Oil.
  • In my kitchen, you will always find ... fresh fruits and veggies.

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