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Keri's kitchen

I'm a single lady who shares her home and life with her sprightly 91-year-old mom and two spoiled cats. I'm happiest in my garden, crafting and cooking - especially baking. I love to experiment and try new things (Pinterest is my natural habitat), and while my reach sometimes exceed my grasp - I've had a few epic fails in the kitchen! - I always learn something new ... and the journey (even if it's sometimes a little bumpy) is its own reward.

my favorites

  • The food I make is ... often of the "comfort food" variety. I love me some hotdish (casserole, for you non-Minnesotans).
  • My favorite tool to use in the kitchen is ... my cake decorating tookit.
  • My favorite Tastefully Simple product is ... any of our pound cake mixes, which are the perfect consistency for molding and shaping.
  • In my kitchen, you will always find ... cats, demanding to be fed.

Keri's posts

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