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Rebecca's kitchen

Hi! I am a working wife and momma of two young kids at home. The kitchen is my happy place! I enjoy making good food for my friends and family to enjoy.

my favorites

  • The food I make is ... health-conscious family dishes that my kids will eat.
  • My favorite tool to use in the kitchen is ... my cutting board. I don't know what I would do without it. It keeps my kitchen clean(er) and I can put a meal on it. For instance, on salad night I make the chicken and cut up all the toppings, then arrange them back on the cutting board to serve instead of putting everything in its own container. Voila!
  • My favorite Tastefully Simple product is ... Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix. You can make them as regular brownies or put some fun mix-ins in the batter. And who can resist a pan of chocolate goodness?
  • In my kitchen, you will always find ... a sweet treat! I grew up with a cookie container in the cupboard. My mom would have back-up cookies in the freezer if we ever unexpectedly ran out. While I don't keep any in my freezer, Tastefully Simple mixes are so easy to whip up for unexpected guests.

Rebecca's posts

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