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Jennifer Glidden (NY)

Jennifer Glidden

When I joined Tastefully Simple in 2005, I was a stay-at-home mom with three kids under 4 years old. My days and nights blended together and sometimes I didn't know which way was up! Then I was invited to a Tastefully Simple party. I wanted to get out of the house and it was about food. I like food. So I went to the party and thought, "Goodness, this stuff is so good and so easy! I could sell this!"

Over the next few years I concentrated on my sales, growing a team and having more babies! LOL! (I am now a homeschooling mom of five kids aged 17-6.) Being a Tastefully Simple consultant has brought so much to our family. We have taken amazing trips and been able to do a few home improvements. In 2016, we had a ginormous patio installed, and our ONLY full bathroom totally remodeled and almost doubled in size!

We now can provide many extras for our children, too, without hesitation. My daughter Emily is traveling to Savannah, Georgia, this year with her Girl Scout troop and she is going to "church camp" for the first time. We are able to pay for my oldest daughter's college and books as well. These things are such a blessing to our family, and helping my hubby with the financial aspect of our family is very empowering to me. 

I think that making that decision that day was the best decision (besides marrying my hubby) I would have made. I am so excited to see what the next 12 years has in store with Tastefully Simple and my family!


Tami Sacco (PA)

Tami Sacco

How has my Tastefully Simple impacted my family financially? This is HUGE for us. When I first started it was all about wanting a new kitchen countertop - needing $3,000 - which we did NOT have, as we were living paycheck-to-paycheck. At the time there was an incentive out there for sponsoring that offered a HUGE REWARD for sponsoring 10 new consultants. Well ... I did it and got that $3,000! I kept my EYE ON THE PRIZE by going to our local home improvement store and getting a piece of the counter top that I wanted. I set it on my kitchen window sill and stared at it constantly as a mental reminder.

The travel is just amazing. WE could NEVER afford to travel to all these wonderful places - Tastefully Simple literally pays for all our vacations.

Tastefully Simple has helped pay for two weddings ... and the 30th wedding anniversary gift I gave to my husband and myself: a 40th edition new-to-us Mustang convertible that we are just so excited about. We were most recently blessed with being able to purchase a new home as well with the help of my Tastefully Simple business. AND LASTLY, I promised my kids when I turned 50, I would pay to take everyone to Cancun. Guess what? It HAPPENED - I had my entire family there with me on our trip. And it's going to happen again this year when we head back to Cancun (this time for hubby's 60th birthday). The entire family will be there with us to celebrate, thanks to my Tastefully Simple business.

I LOVE MY JOB. Love the rewards that we receive for simply doing what we love. Everyone eats. Can't go wrong with Tastefully Simple!

Jennifer Raybaud (MI)

Jennifer Raybaud

My children have literally experienced the world at their feet because of the stellar education I have been able to provide with my Tastefully Simple income.

Katherine spent 6 months in 2012 as a mission worker teaching English to middle-school students and as a student herself at Beijing University. The picture of Katherine is her in the French Alps when she was at the University of Grenoble for a semester in the fall of 2013. Katherine graduated college in 2014 with a double-major in Chinese and French and will complete graduate school pursuing her Masters in Student Affairs this year.

The other picture is of Matthew, who is currently finishing college double-majoring in geography and sociology. His work in a paid internship during the summer of 2015 was so well-received by the geography community, that his work received acclaim not only in campus publications but in Holland as well. His work was in mapping Dutch immigration. In fact he was just honored in March of 2016 by the AAG (American Association of Geographers) to present his findings at their annual convention in San Francisco. The picture is of Matthew on a mission trip during his senior year of high school to Nicaragua. He loves photography and working with kids. He had the opportunity to do both on that trip as the mission was to refurbish an old library for an elementary school.

Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.

What else could I possibly say but thank you, Tastefully Simple!