Dips to Dinner™ FW23

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Taste the versatility of 10 different seasonings and mixes that you can make as a dip or as dinner. Single-use product packets and recipe cards included. Item: 421338

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See how simple it is to make Cheesy Chive Dip.

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21 Reviews
  • Laura

    Sampler pack

    We love this sampler pack of dips etc. We have made dips with every one of them, adding chicken, vegetables, mayonnaise, sour cream and cream cheese to different packs. We always have some in our refrigerator and have recommended them to several friends and family.

  • Lindsey

    A favorite

    This makes a great gift for a TS newbie and TS lovers. A great assortment

  • Cindy Clissold

    Dips to Dinner

    I bought one set and wish I would have bought another. What great product with wonderful recipes. Would definitely recommend!

  • Carol McCullough

    Cheesy Chive Dip Miz

    This came out so very good. I didn't have broccoli so used Asparagus. I added some sliced carrots, too. When done, I added Fiesta Party Seasoning and Garlick Garlick. Keeping recipes because I have all the spices.

  • Carol McCullough

    Fiesta Party Seasoning dip

    This is so good. I actually doubled the mayo & sour cream to make it less hot. Still great. It would make great hot wings! Just need to figure out how.

  • Diane Stephany

    I used both sets of dips/soup as Christmas gifts!

    I got feedback from both of the couples that I gave them to. Neither had seen the sets or products before but both were extremely pleased and anxious to use them. One couple did use a chicken recipe last week and called me to tell me how much they liked it. I’m glad my gifts were so well liked but now I wish I’d kept one for myself!!

  • Tjack

    Dips to Dinner is Awesome!

    I purchased 2 sets, one as a gift & one to use. The dips we’ve used/tasted are so good & unique compared to ‘store bought’ types. Highly recommend & am thinking of purchasing more!

  • Hazel Proulx

    Dips to dinner

    I bought these as taster samplers for new tastefully simple customers. What better way to try your wonderful products than to be able to enjoy from dip to dinner. Outstanding

  • Alicia

    Dips to Dinner

    This is the easiest present to give to anyone on your list. Everyone needs to eat and who doesn't love options!? The meals are delicious and most are quick and easy. This year I also really like that they aren't numbered. This made it easy to split up the box among a few smaller gifts too.

  • John

    Great gift

    Nice sampling of products with recipes. Perfectly packaged for gift giving or mailing.