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Fruity White Chocolate Cookies

Fruity White Chocolate Cookies

Posted by Rebecca R. on 11.23.2020

My husband came home from work the other day and mentioned that his co-worker’s wife makes a cookie with white chocolate chips and Fruity Pebbles® breakfast cereal. If you’re anything like me, you’d give him the stink face and probably think … that sounds … weird. Cereal, in a cookie? Doesn’t that get soggy? Does it keep its crunch? I had so many questions!

Fast-forward to this weekend, when he asked if I’d try to make some of those cookies. While I was hesitant, I also knew that making anything with Fruity Pebbles would be fun for the kids because of all the COLORS! It’s such a fun cereal.

To make these cookies even easier, I grabbed a box of Absolutely Almond Pound Cake Mix™! Simply add to the mix a half cup softened butter, 2 eggs and a half cup white chocolate chips, then fold in a half cup of cereal. Scoop onto greased cookie sheets and bake at 350°F for 10-12 minutes. Let them cool and serve them up!

Spoiler alert: the cereal stays pleasantly crisp and is a nice contrasting texture to the almond pound cake cookie! Want to amp up the cookie even more? Dip half the cookie into melted chocolate and let set on parchment paper.