Halloween Food Fun

Halloween Food Fun

Posted by Laura L. on 10.23.2020

Do you like to play with your food? Now, I’m not talking about stabbing meatballs with forks to imitate a pair of legs dancing the Can-Can. I’m talking about adding fun little touches to food to make it extra festive.

Halloween is coming and it’s a great opportunity to get a little playful at meal time.

Try carving an orange bell pepper to look like a jack-o-lantern face. You can fill the holes with slices of black olives, but the pepper is just as cute leaving the holes empty. (Tip: If you lay the pepper on its side before carving, you can use the stem as a nose!) Fill the pepper with your favorite dip (or the Happy Halloween Dip pictured here)

happy halloween dip

and serve with chips or veggies for a fun snack.

Doesn’t that dip look delicious? Click here for a FREE recipe sheet that includes the Happy Halloween Dip recipe and three additional bonus recipes.

And here are three more playful ideas:
• Use toothpicks and stuffed green olives to add monster eyes to the top of a sandwich or burger.

apple berry pulled pork
• Use a jumbo black olive and chow mein noodles to create an edible spider garnish for pasta or salads.

creepy crawly pasta
• Hollow out a small pumpkin to serve soup or salsa.

mini pumpkins for dips

Give one of these ideas a try. They will be a hit this Halloween. Happy playing!