I switched from teacher to consultant - and never looked back!

I switched from teacher to consultant - and never looked back!

Posted by Guest Blogger on 9.28.2020

Note: Platinum Leader Kelly Wenzel (OH) was recently honored with the Spirit of Tastefully Simple Award, given to the consultant who best represents the company's core values.

Ten years ago, I met a Tastefully Simple consultant while perusing at a local fall festival. I was completely oblivious to the Tastefully Simple Company and all the yummy goodness it held but I was at a rite place wanting to add flavor into my dull meal plans. Being a teacher meant busy days and not much energy for planning amazing, flavorful dinners! Fortunately, my consultant was a people person and I couldn’t wait to host a party with her. Surprise, Surprise! My friends were as excited to try the products as me and I had $900 in sales at my party. That is when it hit me … my friends and I were not the only ones wanting delicious and simple products to jazz up our kitchen routine. I knew people would love this stuff for entertaining and making their regular routine kitchen meals zing with new appeal! After my party hit $900 in sales, I realized my friends loved how delicious and simple the products are. I knew more people would want what I had found so I jumped into being a consultant, ready to share what I had found!

I had a full-time career as a teacher, so at first, I was a once-a-quarter consultant. I would reach out to my friends and family for orders and sell just enough to keep my business open. But Tastefully Simple was changing my life and it began to become a bigger and bigger part of my daily life. I believed in what I was selling and I wanted to help more and more people love their time in the kitchen and use quality ingredients to get there. Two years ago, I said adios to my life in the classroom and have been working my TS business full time. I have never regretted the choice of freedom, fun, and food! Tastefully Simple has given me a chance to embrace life and make it what I always dreamed it could be!

My business has changed my life and my family’s for the better! I have become exciting in the kitchen and serve delicious meals, which my family goes gaga over! But the huge difference my TS business has offered is FLEXIBILITY! My husband, Rick and I can travel, enjoy the outdoors, work from our boat, and make our own schedule. I do not miss the dawn ‘til late night days of my teaching career when I was chained to my desk and lesson plans. School holidays, summer break, and short vacations do not dictate our plans any longer. And you know what? Now I have even earned trips from Tastefully Simple that Rick and I have truly enjoyed! How fabulous to work for a company that gives back to me and makes me feel appreciated!

On a personal level, Tastefully Simple has built my confidence; I’ve gone from the person who always compared myself to others and never believed I was good enough - to a person who knows I have something to offer others. I solve problems for people and help them make memories with their friends and family when serving Tastefully Simple. As a leader of my own team, I’m helping consultants under me do that too.

Tastefully Simple’s core values influence how I run my business and how I interact with my team. For me, it is all about positive energy and knowing I can make a difference in the lives of those I meet. It's as simple as taking the time to get to know people and meet them where they are. I am truly blessed to have met so many amazing people over the past decade in my business.

I love meeting people and now, when my business is largely online parties (due to COVID restrictions), I am meeting people from all over the United States. It's exciting to see how people react to Tastefully Simple; someone recently told me she is so happy to be connected with a Tastefully Simple consultant again, because she was missing her Garlic GarlicTM Seasoning. I love that about Tastefully Simple!

I am excited when I see my team challenge themselves and grow in ways they didn’t think possible. It also makes me happy to see how they support each other along the way.

Why would anyone want their own Tastefully Simple business? Here are my top reasons:

• A Tastefully Simple business is flexible and fits into your busy life.
• The chance to meet new people and grow amazing friendships.
• The products are delicious!
• Additional income to use however you see fit.
• Personal growth from becoming a Tastefully Simple consultant is only limited by the limitations you put on yourself.
• A wide-open audience … everyone eats, so it is easy to build a clientele.
• And did I mention the FREE incentive trips you can earn!

Why not give it a try? As motivational speaker, Michelle Pohler, says, “What’s the best that can happen?”

Learn more about how YOU can enjoy a rewarding, flexible career like Kelly.

Kelly Wenzel (OH)
Platinum Leader