Kitchen Knife

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Ultra-sharp steel with a serrated edge, this bread knife works great for slicing breads and cakes. Features a soft-grip silicone handle and cover for safe storage. (12 1/2") Item: 423004

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4 Reviews
  • Peggy Najera

    Kitchen Knife

    I Absolutely LOVE This Knife!! It's Longer Than It Looks, But Makes Cutting Anything From Roasts To Slicing Bread Smooth As Silk!!

  • FoodFan

    Bread Knife

    This knife cuts through bread with ease. I don't have to see it to cut it. It works great; very sharp, so be careful.

  • MammieandPoppy

    Best bread knife

    gone thru many different bread knives over the years, what i loved about this one when i got it was the "feel" of it. the balance I love the handle, sturdy comfortable when slicing and the knife itself is perfect every time i slice breads.

  • DDs Nana

    I've been looking for a bread knife like this

    I had a bread knife similar to this several years ago and it suddenly disappeared. Saw this one at a party recently and was so happy. Very sharp and love that it doesn't have the huge serrated edges that so many do. LOVE THIS!