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My Faith Helped Me Change My Life through Tastefully Simple

My Faith Helped Me Change My Life through Tastefully Simple

Posted by Guest Blogger on 11.06.2020

Like many people, I lost my part-time job due to COVID-19 in March. I praise God that I did not lose my full-time job, but I did need to find something to supplement my lost income.

In May, I attended an online Tastefully Simple "quarantine party." It wasn't my first experience with Tastefully Simple. In fact, I attended my first party way back in 1995, when the consultant made a big impression with Bountiful Beer Bread Mix. She said, "We have beer. We have bread. What more could you want?"

I even thought about becoming a consultant back then, but I was taking classes at two colleges and working full time, so the time wasn't right. Fast-forward 25 years to that online party. I had fun! When the consultant, Dawn Myers, suggested I host my own party, I said not yet … because I may join. I prayed about it over the next six weeks.

Finally, knowing that I needed additional income to make ends meet, and not wanting to work in public because of the virus, I chose to start my Tastefully Simple business. I knew and liked the products, so it was a natural fit.

My business is primarily online, though I do offer hosts the choice of online or a hybrid. For the hybrid version, I send a Party Food Kit to the host, who can choose to have a tasting party on their own. Meanwhile I conduct an online party to complement the host's at-home tasting. I go live during the host's party and do a presentation for everyone. I also have done a mini vendor fair with friends, which helped me a lot.

The Fast Start incentive for new consultants really helped me have a successful start. Having the bonus goals in front of me and knowing the dates helped me create a plan to accomplish them and motivated me to prove I can do anything I put my mind to. The excitement of hitting each mark was one more step in building my confidence and my business.

As a survivor of domestic violence, I never thought I would amount to anything, even after I broke free. Well, here I am, growing and surviving! I've even become a leader of my own team. I still have the letter and confetti from the packet congratulating me on my promotion as a reminder of my success. I achieved this by putting my faith in God. My business started through prayer, and is growing through faith and trust.

Working my business has impacted my family greatly. I can stay home at night and be with my son. I am also able to make ends meet. Soon, I will not have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck. It has had a huge impact on me, helping me I come out of my shell and step out of my comfort zone with the help of my faith. I have found a source of pride and gratefulness within myself. I also learned I like cooking even more, without having to do tons of prep work.

The Tastefully Simple Way is a list 22 core principles. I have read them a few times. This one stands out to me all the time:
Exercise gratitude.
Positive attitudes are the result of a grateful heart.
Look for what is right with the world.

I am grateful − for all the people on my upline and the teams I am a part of, and for my business coach at Tastefully Simple HQ. She is a great cheerleader.

Joining Tastefully Simple offers a great opportunity to grow in so many ways. You will gain a great sense of community and the support needed to be successful in your business. Whether you are joining to help ends meet, pay for something special, like a wedding, or don't want to use credit cards to pay for Christmas, It will be worth it. With the Fast Start incentive, you can earn back the $99 start-up investment plus $151 more in bonuses. Wow, that can really help!

Jessica Hewitt (NJ)