Create Cozy Meals with Soups

There's nothing like a big bowl of delicious soup to warm your tummy on chilly fall and winter days. As a bonus, with our mixes you can create a complete and simple meal in just minutes . And, they're so versatile you can customize them to your liking. Add some warm Simple Sourdough Bread and you'll have everyone asking for seconds.


Keep it simple - prepare our dry mixes as directed

Craving chili instead?

Wahoo Chili Seasoning | Tastefully Simple
Whip up chili in 30 minutes

Mix up a hearty homemade chili in only 30 minutes with Wahoo! Chili Seasoning »

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The perfect complement

Simple Sourdough Bread mix | Tastefully SImple

A warm, flavorful slice of bread is the perfect complement to any soup or chili. Your family and friends will think you spent hours slaving away making homemade bread for them with this simple mix.

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Add extras for even heartier soup

Our soup mixes are so flavorful and delicious all by themselves, but you can always choose to kick it up a notch by adding additional ingredients. Here are some options to try, and search our recipes for even more ideas.

Soups Assortment | Tastefully SImple

Craving soup and chili? Get the three delicious soup mixes shown at the top, Wahoo! Chili Seasoning, Simple Sourdough Bread Mix and a serrated bread knife in this convenient assortment.

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