protein snacks

If you're going to snack - and you know you are - why not choose from a selection of crispy protein-packed goodies that you can actually feel GOOD about?

meet your new go-to snacks

strawberries & cream protein crisps 5-pack | Tastefully Simple

Crispy and light, with a sweet strawberry flavor.
12g protein | 4g carbs
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pizza protein crisps 5-pack | Tastefully Simple

No need to give up pizza flavor: here it is in a delightful l'il golden nugget.
14g protein | 2g carbs
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smoky ranch sunflower kernels | Tastefully Simple

Smoky ranch flavor with a hint of bacon makes a snack that's simply satisfying.
6g protein | 6g carbs
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white cheddar cheese crisps | Tastefully Simple

Cheesey. Crispy. Protein-Packed. 'Nuff said.
5g protein | 1g carb
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