recycle and reuse

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle | Tastefully Simple
There are so many fun and useful alternatives to simply trashing empty containers. Here are just a few clever ways to give new life to empty seasoning shakers and drink buckets! Remove the labels and try these ideas:

Shaker Jar Recycle | Tastefully Simple


• Fill with glitter or sequins and use for craft projects
• Repurpose as a paper clip or thumbtack holder
• Fill with sugar or powdered creamer for morning coffee

Recycle Drink Buckets | Tastefully Simple


• Use as a container to hold crayons, markers or ribbon
• Decorate with paint or wrapping paper and use for an up-cycled gift basket or flower pot
• Bring it to the beach for making sand castles

Recycle Jars | Tastefully Simple

Glass Bottles

• Decorate with paint or tissue paper, tied a ribbon around the neck and use as a flower vase
• Use as a pencil or pen holder
• Fill with small candies and give as a gift

Not into crafting? Recycle!

All of Tastefully Simple's packages are sustainably produced, recyclable and BP-compliant. So give them the chance for new life by disposing of them in the recycling bin.