Spinach & Herb Shrimp over Zoodles

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  • Spinach Herb Shrimp over Zoodles




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  • Sassandspice

    Best flavor profile!

    My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. We did cheat and served it over Israeli pearl couscous. We can’t wait to have it again

  • GarlicGarlicMN

    Great for Something Different

    We like to make it with the coconut milk alternative since I am lactose intolerant. It’s a great dish for when you like to spice things up! We have not made it with zoodles yet, we’ve been using the recipe with spaghetti.

  • Tornette 1964

    Surprise of a Meal

    I was very skeptical, at first; however, it was one of the recipés in my "TS 14-day Reset kit" diet plan, so I had to try it. I had never before cooked with almond or coconut milk, Zoodles (zuccini noodles), or mushrooms, but, to my surprise, I liked the recipé and have cooked it again! By the way, I finished my 14-day Reset just over 2 weeks ago (which included Christmas and New Year's) and lost 7 pounds. This is the first time I have "dieted" and have not ever felt hunger pains! I am normally a big eater by habit, but I found that this meal, along with all the others in the plan, were very satisfying to my appetite, which really surprised me! There were times I had to make myself eat a meal just because I am diabetic and must eat 3 meals a day. I plan to get back on this plan again--after the Super Bowl!

  • TS forever

    We loved this one!

    I was skeptica about this one as it was using zoodles and coconut milk but we loved it. I was rich and creamy. I added a ton of veggies to the recipe!

  • JMSTribe

    Healthy and delish!

    My family loves this...so do I! It is simple to make and so delicious. I have made it with coconut milk too, and sometimes I use cubed zucchini sauteed over high heat instead of the zoodles.

  • mspiano

    Odd base and seasoning.

    We were not fond of this recipe. The odd thing was, we could not really say what the specific issue was. For me, I did not care for the sauce. My husband said “I would be fine if you never made this again.” I had to agree. Maybe just our personal taste. I was hoping for the delightful seasonings and recipes similar to Hello Fressh. We were blown away by their recipes. We chose to try Tastefully Simple to avoid all the packaging Hello Fresh has. We will continue to try the other low carb recipes.