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cash back for starting strong!

If you're hungry for a life with more flavor, more cash and more fun, now is the time to say hello to a delicious life! Join Tastefully Simple February 11 - March 31, 2019, and you can earn back the cost of your Join Kit ($39.95) when you have just $500 in sales by March 31. You can also earn additional rewards, including cash bonuses, free products and business supplies and more!
*Required purchase of a Meal Kit prior to Joining applies.


  • New Tastefully Simple Agreements must be received, approved and payment processed, as follows:
    • Faxed or received by mail no later than 3:00 pm CT on Thursday, March 28, 2019.
    • Online submission no later than 11:59 CT on Sunday, March 31, 2019.
  • New Tastefully Simple Agreements that are faxed or mailed are only processed on HQ business days.
  • New Tastefully Simple Agreements processed prior to February 11, 2019, do not qualify for this incentive.
  • New consultant must have $500 or more in Part One Retail sales between February 11 and March 31, 2019, to receive refund of $39.95 join fee.
  • Purchase of a qualifying Meal Kit is required prior to Joining Tastefully Simple.
  • Refund check will be mailed prior to April 17, 2019, to mailing address on file.
  • New consultant is responsible for applicable tax and shipping on the Join Kit.
  • Refund of $39.95 is reportable for 1099 calculations.
  • Tastefully Simple reserves the right to cancel, amend or modify this incentive at any time.
  • For more current incentive details refer to myHQ.