november 2019 host special

Host a party in November and you could earn all the essentials to make this year's holiday gatherings a season to remember: an indispensable seasoning, a festive beverage and an irresistible warm dip.

FREE with $800+ party | Tastefully Simple
FREE with $800+ party

  • Rustic Herb Seasoning
  • Spiked Maple™Latte Mix
  • Cheesy Potato Warm Dip Mix
  • FREE shipping
    (retail value: $27.97)

$600-$799.99 party | Tastefully Simple
$600 - 799.99 party

  • Rustic Herb Seasoning
  • Spiked Maple™ Latte Mix
  • FREE shipping
    (retail value: $19.98)

  • rustic herb seasoning | Tastefully Simple
    $400 - 599.99 party

    Rustic Herb Seasoning
    (retail value: $9.99)

    Free shipping starts with a $500 party.

    additional host program rewards! | Tastefully Simple

    receiving your rewards

    • These rewards are in addition to the regular Tastefully Simple host rewards.
    • All rewards are shipped as one order, once the party is closed.
    • Rewards are not redeemable for cash.
    • Shipping charges and tax apply based on the paid price of the reward.
    • Tastefully Simple reserves the right to substitute rewards of equal or greater value, and to cancel, amend or modify the is incentive at any time.

    other host details

    • "Party" is defined as having a host, consultant and orders from other clients. Adding on products that are not orders via the party is not allowed.
    • Consultant hosted parties are not eligible for host specials.