Stuffed Burgers

Stuffed Burgers

Stuffed Burgers

Posted by Jane N. on 07.9.2021

Hey, friends – we are deep into burger season, and everybody is playing outside this year. Campgrounds are full, parks are busy, backyards are buzzing! Playing hard requires nourishment, so how about some tasty stuffed burgers?

Stuffed burgers are a fun way to shake up your burger game, and they are easy to make. I’ll show you the basic steps with this fun Mac & Cheese Stuffed Burger recipe.

mac & cheese stuffed burger


1.   Mix the beef and Ultimate SteakTM Seasoning together and divide it into 8 balls. You’re shooting for about 3 ounces each, which is about the size of a mandarin orange (e.g., Halo™ or Cutie™).

step 1

step 1b

2.   Flatten each ball; using the bottom of a measuring cup, create a small well.

step 2

3.   Divide the prepared mac & cheese among four of the burger patties. Tip: one pouch of EZ Mac™ is just enough for four burgers.

step 3

4.   Top each with an empty patty and seal the edges.

step 4

5.   Then grill ‘em and eat ‘em up!

These can also be made ahead and frozen – great for camping or for quick weeknight dinners.

stuffed burgers

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Make the most of summer … play and eat outside!



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