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Want to shop or have a party with your friends? I'd love to help!
We've got all kinds of new foods and all-time favorites you and your family will love. Whether your taste is sweet, spicy or a little sassy, just think of me as your own personal shopper and party planner.
So what do you have in mind? Let's get started!

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You will love EVERYTHING about Tastefully Simple. The food is amazing, and it’s so easy to proclaim yourself a GOURMET CHEF by cooking with our delicious products. Our parties are FUN! We have multiple "styles" of tastings. Gather around some friends for an afternoon of sampling and sharing recipes, and you will be rewarded with a shopping spree for yourself.

Our team, the Silver Stars, just ROCKS. We have consultants in five states and growing.

Whether you need to order product, want to give great gifts, are looking for a terrific fundraiser, would love to host a tasting party, or need extra income – a little, or a lot, I am HERE TO HELP! If you want to learn about the free trips, on stage recognition, monthly bonus checks, or supplementing your full-time job, you have come to the RIGHT consultant.

I have been building my business since my children were babies in 2002. For over eleven years I have enjoyed supporting my family through this amazing company. I am proud to have been a regional sales Top 10 consultant multiple times, and get to travel for FUN with Tastefully Simple (for FREE). I have been honored as a Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Small Business Award finalist twice. My children love that I get to be there for them alongside running a successful business. I am committed to helping my team members identify their “Why” and achieve their goals in this business. What are you waiting for? Contact me TODAY. Reach me by phone, email, or “like” my business page on Facebook.

What's For Dinner?

The question everyone gets every day, right? What if I had the answer for you? I will provide you the products, grocery list, and recipes. It's a brand new program called Simply Dinners!

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