Amy Spairana

Amy Spairana

Team Manager

Nassau, NY

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Want to shop or have a party with your friends? I'd love to help!
We've got all kinds of new foods and all-time favorites you and your family will love. Whether your taste is sweet, spicy or a little sassy, just think of me as your own personal shopper and party planner.
So what do you have in mind? Let's get started!

my story

I attended my first Tastefully Simple taste testing party in late 2004. I had never heard of this company and was just going along for the fun. I watched the consultant pass trays and talk about this delicious food with enthusiasm and excitement.

At that same time, I was the mom of two small children and was working full-time at a job that I did not enjoy. The consultant passed around a brochure that shared information about becoming a consultant. I did not attend this party with any intention what-so-ever of signing up as a consultant. But I took some information home, and promptly came to my senses and threw it away.

But then I hosted a party, and my friends started hosting parties, and people wanted to know where to get more of this stuff. I got to thinking that there was something good here with Tastefully Simple and contacted that consultant again. We met, we talked, I had a million questions, and I'm sure I drove her crazy. But she helped me and answered every question and walked me through the steps to get started.

I signed up to become a consultant in early 2005. I can say now, that it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I enjoy getting up every day and going to "work". I am able to be home for my children, and have even had a third child since starting this business! My best friends are now other Tastefully Simple consultants all around the country. I enjoy attending conferences and visiting with these ladies as often as I can. I also have an amazing team of ladies right here in our area that I shared the business with and now lead.

And the best part is, after all these years, I am still out there every week doing parties. I'm meeting great hosts and awesome clients and getting to share these amazing products with people. That's my JOB, it is how I provide an income for my family, and it's FUN! How incredibly cool is that?

I'm always looking to find the next person, like me, who maybe didn't intend to become a consultant, but knows a good opportunity when they see one! If you are interested in learning more, hosting a taste testing party or becoming a consultant, please contact me.

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