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Hey, y'all!

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Does mealtime cause a headache for you? Do you always hear 'What's for dinner?' but never get any suggestions?

I'd love to help!

We have multiple styles of tastings and freezer workshops so you can learn more and earn free products.

And, we have a risk free subscription box service!

Let's get rid of that headache!

my story

Just over 13 years ago (October 31, 2006) I made what I consider to be one of the best decisions of my life. After months of questions and consideration I began a business with a company called Tastefully Simple.

I had one of those mothers who didn't let you in her kitchen. She wouldn't even let us cut an apple. It was her kitchen and we might mess it up. So, I never really learned how to cook.

Enter Tastefully Simple. What? Two ingredients or less and very simple instructions!

I also grew up as a very picky eater.

Enter Tastefully Simple. What? These products contain ingredients I don't like and they are so good!

We used to have a slogan: What do you want? A life, more moolah, friendships, to be home more or to shine? With my Tastefully Simple business I have gotten all of that. And, so much more!

I think a life and friendships go together. I wanted to get out and meet people. I have so many of the most amazing relationships with people I would not know if it weren't for this business. And, they are all over the world! Clients, hosts and fellow tastebuds.

Have I earned more moolah? You betcha! This company throws money at us! And, trips (I've earned 8)! Even better a few years ago my mom and aunt started taking a trip at the same time to the same location! Priceless time with family! It will now be something we do together every year!

Am I home more? Maybe not, but I didn't really want to be! I love being out and spreading the word of Tastefully Simple at parties, events and anywhere else. But, it is my own schedule so I can plan it for what works best for my life!

Do I shine? Oh, do I! And, I have learned that I REALLY like to shine! I have had FREE vacations; I have a new digital camera, a new video camera, lots of ribbons, lots of awards and too many things to even think about listing! Some as small as a baton for reaching a goal. But, it's mine and I earned it. I can't tell you what a wonderful feeling that is. And, to be cheered on by the company! They send you cards and call you to congratulate you on things! And, sometimes even to push you!

I would love to get to know you. You can place orders with me, host with me or join the journey with me as a member of my Simply Shining team. Please feel free to contact me about anything and ask me anything! I absolutely LOVE answering questions!


Boxes of dinner straight to your door!!!!

Boxes of dinner straight to your door!!!!

Are planning dinners for your family a little stressful? Do you have picky eaters? Allergies to certain foods? Not a lot of time? Our meal kits can ehlp with these issues and more!

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