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Wrightsville, PA

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YOUR Party; YOUR Style! That's what it's all about!

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If you like to have F-U-N and E-A-T, and who doesn't like this combo, then we need to connect because that's what Tastefully Simple is all about!

So many options to help you with your dinner time dilemma that you'll be WOW-ing your family again just by adding Tastefully Simple.

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My first experience with Tastefully Simple was in January 2003 at a home tasting party. I was instantly hooked on the party, the products and the business aspect of this company; I quickly decided this was the job for me.

Since then I have enjoyed working with my hosts to have rewarding home parties as well as helping others start their own businesses. Seriously...Who doesn't like to PAR-TAY?!?!?!

My #1 goal for the parties is to have FUN because life is way too short not to. And, while you're having fun I'll be able to help you with new meal time solutions so you can continue to be a HERO IN THE KITCHEN.

My team and I- "The Bread Winners"- are in six states, and our goal is to help create a delicious life for our families and our communities. We stay connected through various methods (calls, social media, conferences, visits), and everyone feels like they've known each other forever, even if they've yet to meet face to face. We'd truly love to welcome you to our team while supporting your version of your "Delicious Life!"

I truly CAN NOT WAIT to work with you!

Candice McClellan

Have you heard about Freezer Meal Workshops?

Have you heard about Freezer Meal Workshops?

Many of my clients are enjoying the opportunity to participate in a Freezer Meal Workshop either at my home or in their own. It's a FUN way to prep 10+ meals for your family with friends.

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