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Cathy White

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Ontario, NY

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I originally started my Tastefully Simple business, because I had no friends in the area. I would go shopping to "browse" just to get out of the house. When "browsing" turned into "buying" my husband and I knew something had to change.
I said, I would try Tastefully Simple for just 3 months. Give it my all and just see what happened. In those three months, I fell in LOVE with the business. Not only had I filled the void of friendships in my life, but I was also having fun and earning income to support my family.
It feels great not to have to check the bank account to see if we can order out pizza on a random Friday night.
But it's more than just income and the FREE TRIPS (oh-I didn't mention that yet?). I am part of an incredible company that is completely DEBT free! I am part of a company that believes in integrity.
I am super proud to also support my team members as they grow in their businesses, too! Each member on my team is working at his/her pace and reaching his/her goal. That's the beauty of this business: You get to choose how much you earn!
I have been a Tastefully Simple Consultant for 4 years as I have worked my full time job and raised my 3 children. I can honestly say, that it has changed my life and made me a better wife, mother, friend, and teacher.
I am truly blessed to have Tastefully Simple as a part of my life.

Fake Fancy

Fake Fancy

Dinner is Decided!! We are all about the Fake Fancy!
No need to buy a variety of random ingredients! Simple, easy to understand instructions gice you confidence in the kitchen!

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