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Eau Claire, WI

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Party styles for your style. Mix & Mingle, Traditional, Catalog, Fundraisers, Open House & a new style: Freezer Meal Workshops, 2 hours & you take home 10 meals to put in your freezer. Gather your friends, a drink bucket & voila, helps answer the "What's For Dinner" question your family asks every day!!

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my story

After hosting a Tastefully Simple party in my home and sampling all the great food, I was sold on Tastefully Simple. Inspired by my niece who is a consultant in another city, I became a Tastefully Simple consultant in April 2004.

I am excited to be affiliated with a growing company that concerns itself with the success of their consultants. From my initial "sign on" phone call to the support from my sponsor, Tastefully Simple has been a great experience for me. I look forward to making Tastefully Simple a successful business for myself.

In my previous working life, I worked outside the home 40-50 hours per week. Tastefully Simple has allowed me to be there for my kids in and out of school activities. I've brought in extra money which has helped our family financially, and what I got which I didn't know I needed was the "shine." I have been recognized at both regional and national conferences for my sales and was awarded with a walk across the stage and recognition in front of all my peers - I didn't realize the "shine" was missing from my life! Thanks, Tastefully Simple!

I love all the Tastefully Simple products and I am certain all my new and future clients will too.

Please contact me to host a taste-testing party, to order gifts that will please the person who has everything or to order product for your own use.

Feed Your Family, Fresh, Healthy and Easy!

High quality, signature flavors and ingredients that make crazy-delicious and incredibly simple meals your friends and family will love. No apron required. Nothing complicated. Just simple, deli

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