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Are you tired of having the SAME old thing for dinner? Are you sick of heading to the grocery store two or three times a week and still finding you have nothing for dinner? If you're ready to save time and money cooking dinners and simply enjoying your food more - let me know!

I help people out with meal solutions one on one or in a group at a party. I offer ways for you to have make ahead meals or meals on the go.

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People ask me all the time why I've been selling Tastefully Simple for almost 15 years. What keeps me here is the flexibility to make a nice income on my terms. I can hold parties, or simply sell through word of mouth. I can meet people face to face or use our website. There is no other job around that allows me time to run, bike or hike when I want, be home for my kids, take vacations when I please and still make the money we need.

The biggest side effect that I was not expecting is the friendships and social outlet that Tastefully Simple gave me. I'm really more of a home-body and if you would have told me 10 years ago that I'd love connecting with new people every week, making friends that are now closer to me than my best friends growing up are and would travel 2 or 3 times a year I would have said you were crazy. I love being home with my family, but having a social outlet on my terms gives me the perfect balance!

Whether your looking for a discount on your products or some extra spending money or to significantly changing your finances, why not explore your options? Maybe you are looking for adult time, or more time with your family or simply a way to get your favorite products for you and your friends at a discount. Let's chat and see if Tastefully Simple would be a good fit for you - to either get your own favorite items at a discount or to make extra money.

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Make a Wish Fundraising party

Make a Wish Fundraising party

Let me know that you want to earn free products through an online or tasting party and you want me to donate 50% of my profits to Make a Wish. I'm working to raise enough money to grant a wish!

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