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Ellen DiVietro

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Sloatsburg, NY

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There are many ways for you to enjoy Tastefully Simple!

* Invite some friends (and me)over for some food-tasting and shopping!

* "TS to You" is a way for you to have certain collections arrive directly to your door! Automatically!

It's your food, your way!

Thank you for your confidence in me to take care of you!

my story

When Tastefully Simple and I met several years ago, it was love at first bite! Bountiful Beer Bread and Garlic Garlic won me over! Always looking for meal ideas, wanting to contribute to family income; to be available for my kids; figured it was worth a try! Let's face it; it's food; everyone eats, right?
With zero experience, the minimal investment, the simple training program, I was on my way!

I've discovered what people love most about this business is the food, the income, the priceless friendships, the ability to make a difference every day, AND the ability to work around schedules!

What about you? Picture your ideal schedule. How would having more choices about your time make a difference for you?

Would you like to chat about it?

Are you the busiest person you know?
Do you prefer quality products and service?
You get to enjoy your own favorites at a discount, while helping to provide mealtime sanity for others! The best part? It's all provided for us!

What's catching YOUR eye? Products for you, friends and family? Additional income?
Contact me to learn more! Call or text 845-893-7567

"The best way to predict your future is to create it."
-Stephen Covey.

Don't you just love a great sale?

Don't you just love a great sale?

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