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I'm lucky, my husband Mike loves to barbecue. But I miss cooking too. Unfortunately, I have little to no time to plan and no skill around using spices. Our meals have gotten boring. Barbecued beef, chicken, pork, chicken, pork, beef, salmon, beef, chicken pork. I wanted some help with the side dishes at least so I could jazz things up a bit. My Mom never cooked with spices and I don't have time to take cooking classes as I have a full-time "day" job, help with our food manufacturing business and volunteer at the local YMCA teaching two classes each week.

I discovered Tastefully Simple at an Expo event when our booth for Nut Fusions Peanut Spreads was just across the isle. What got my attention was the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheese Ball, because (no surprise) we manufacture peanut butter. Besides the Bacon Pepper Jam, my favorite thing about Tastefully Simple is TS TO YOU, meals kits that are sent automatically to my home every other month. The kit comes with all the seasonings, recipes and a grocery list for fresh ingredients that I can hand my husband for his weekly shopping trip.

Because we are on a budget as are most people, I really liked the fact that the cost per meal serving is $3.00 or less and that includes Tastefully Simple products and the fresh products we pick up. An added benefit since there are just two of us is that with meals feeding 4-6 people, I can freeze half the meal and we have super quick meals anytime we are running short on time.

With Tastefully Simple meals and spices I get to join in the joy of cooking and I'm loving it!



I ran across the Bacon Pepper Jam at an event and fell in love. We paired it with Mike's smoked pork roast. Side dish was pasta with cream and fresh mushrooms from the grower's market.

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