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Janine Black

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Mundelein, IL

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flexibility. income. fun. want your own business?

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Want to shop or have a party with your friends? I'd love to help!
We've got all kinds of new foods and all-time favorites you and your family will love. Whether your taste is sweet, spicy or a little sassy, just think of me as your own personal shopper and party planner.
So what do you have in mind? Let's get started!

my story

I attended my first party back in 2001. Loved the products, because they are SO easy to use! Hosted the parties to get our favorites for free. Can you relate? I started my own business, 16 years ago after getting laid off from corporate twice in ten years. Talk about frustration of working for someone else.

What a ride this journey has been!! I not only get to help people make their lives easier at the dinner table, I also get to help others get what they want when they join our team, which has become a third family to us. This has been a great business for our family, since it has the flexibility for me to be where I need to be when I need to. I totally have control over my own schedule. My husband enjoys going on FREE vacations I have earned though my business.

If you would like to learn how YOU can do what I do, I'd loved to chat with you!!!

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Tired of the same old thing? Then maybe it's time to check out our meal collections or host a freezer meal workshop to get some additional meal ideas.

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