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my story

I "found" Tastefully Simple in late 1998. At a family party in January of 1999, I made the Bountiful Beer Bread that I had recently ordered. Guests at the family party kept asking, "Can you get ME some of this?" I literally "sold" 12 loaves by just serving it! That's when I, too, was sold on Tastefully Simple!

I had previous direct sales experience and I thought hard about the 10 years I was with my other company. I was stuck, and no matter how hard I tried there was no moving ahead for me. I remembered saying to my husband, "I know I'm passionate enough about direct sales to be more successful than I am - maybe I've just had the wrong vehicle all these years?" He agreed, and so I decided to try Tastefully Simple for a year.

When January 2000 rolled around, there was no turning back. I left my management position with the other company and began the business I still enjoy with Tastefully Simple 19 years later.

I've been the stay-at-home mom, the person looking to just make enough money to buy some presents for my husband or a pizza and movie night for my kids. I've been the woman in debt who hid it from her husband. I've been the one who did another direct sales business and tried hard to make it work before I found home. I would love to see if what we have to offer is just what you may be looking for. It's amazing all the blessings Tastefully Simple has given me as well as my family.

My story would not be complete without thanking my team, "The Visionaries" - a more dedicated and hard-working group you will never find - my husband, Ed; and my children, who have never wavered in their support of me. Lastly, I want to thank Jill Blashack Strahan (CEO) the true visionary in this business. Jill, and the staff at HQ are the most incredible people you will ever want to work with. I have been and continue to be blessed by my business. Life is good!

Friendships beyond your wildest dreams, income that makes a difference, the pride in building something from scratch, the chance to bestow and receive recognition for a job well done and so much more. Tastefully Simple can provide you with so much. Most you may not even know you need.

Thanks for checking out my story. Let's see what we can do to begin yours! Jennifer

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