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Hamburg, NY

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flexibility. income. fun. want your own business?

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If you'd like to have some friends over for a fun night of relaxing & shopping even better!

The Fall/Winter line will be retiring soon, so get your favorites before they are gone!!

Either way just think of me as your own personal shopper and party planner.

There are lots of awesome gifts for clients & family.

I do fund raising too!

my story

I was working a part-time retail job for extra income and was introduced to the benefits that Tastefully Simple offers during my party. The food was awesome, the convenience couldn't have made having the party any easier and everybody loved it! I signed up as a consultant a week later. The driving force was to leave the world of retail and join the world of FREEDOM! I now make my own schedule, I'm my own boss, I LOVE what I do and I'm meeting tons of wonderful people!

It's such a joy to help others: 1) earn product when they host their own party for their friends, family and co-workers; 2) find their freedom by making money running their own business; 3) raise money for their organizations with the incredible fundraising Tastefully Simple offers; and 4) find the perfect gifts for both their personal AND professional needs.

Please contact me and I can help you get started!

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