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Katie Roose

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Ready to start shopping? Interested in having a tasting party with your friends? Want to learn more about my Freezer Meal Workshops and meal planning? I'd love to help!

We have tons of new products and all-time favorites you and your family will love. Whether your taste is sweet, spicy or a little sassy, just think of me as your own personal shopper and party planner.

So what do you have in mind? Let's get started!

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Welcome! I'm Katie Roose, your Tastefully Simple consultant. Before I was introduced to this awesome company, I was a stay-at-home mom to Ryan (6), Kaylin (4) and Jason (1). When I attended my first tasting party in 2011, my husband suggested that I consider becoming a consultant to help with our air-tight budget. The products were instantly something I believed in and the venture was virtually risk-free, plus I loved that everyone is a potential client because everyone eats! Yet I wasn't interested in a home party based business, so I figured I'd sign up, prove to my husband how horrible I was at sales, eat my display and we could all move on with our lives.

Once I realized that people don't need to be "sold" on our amazing products, I was hooked. They're delicious, easy to prepare, and have less chemicals and garbage than the items sold on the inner aisles of the grocery store.

My goal when I began Tastefully Simple was to earn enough money to be able to go out to eat and pad our budget so I could take some of the financial burden off my husband. Now, my goals are to earn as many free trips as possible, to share the opportunity with others, to build and grow my amazing team, and to have a healthy chunk of cash in our savings account. With my party commission and leadership checks, we have been able to treat ourselves to plenty of daily indulgences, upgrade our electronics and appliances, and last year, I took my family on the vacation of a lifetime to Maui. Pedicures, massages, getting my house cleaned and traveling were certainly not in the budget before, but Tastefully Simple allows us to live a more comfortable lifestyle!

I am so grateful for the opportunities Tastefully Simple has allowed for me and my family. If you're in a position where you could use some extra cash or if you just want the ability to purchase your own products at a discount, I would be happy to answer any questions that you have. I tell people all the time: I won't talk you into signing up in this business, but I would love to figure out if Tastefully Simple is a good fit for you. Because it filled a hole in my life that I didn't know existed!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to meet you soon!

Are you sick of hearing, "What's for dinner?!?"

Are you sick of hearing, "What's for dinner?!?"

I have a solution for your "I'm too busy to cook" blues…FREEZER MEALS! Join me at one of my workshops or host your own. We'll make 10 meals that feed 4-6 adults. They're fast, easy and delicious!

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