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Hello…I am so glad you choose to visit me…I hope you come back often!

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Personal Shopping or Sharing with others…I would love to help you. And when you share with others you will be able to earn your groceries for FREE! Our parties are … eating! Who do you know that does that? Whether you are looking to purchase our products, gift giving ideas, hosting a taste-testing/Meal Solutions party for your family and friends or want to get in on this fast-growing business, you've come to the right place!

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Tastefully Simple became a part of my life in 2003 and now more than eleven years later I have never looked back. I have grown as a person in all areas of my life, taken trips with my husband to places we would not have been able to go, been able to provide things for my kids and meet friends from all over the county that have made such an impact in my life … friends that will be lifelong friends! I started my business to help financially without going back to a traditional 9-5 job. I love that I contribute every month plus the Sense of Accomplishment I have for maintaining a successful business. I love being a “CEO” of my own company and not an employee for someone else.
I work with a company that is supportive and makes my job fun and rewarding. Our food makes cooking a joy and everyone loves it … you because you were able to provide delicious restaurant quality meals for your family but spent little time preparing and your family because it was not the same five meals that you make every week. Ask about Simply Dinners and Freezer Meals ... treat your family to family friendly dinners together ... no stress for you! I provide the menus, grocery lists and recipes ... different every month ... so whether you want to prepare everything in a couple hours (Freezer Meals) or have easy to prepare recipes at your fingertips (Simply Dinners) I can help you!
I would love to help you get started with your own Tastefully Simple business and be your own boss ... set your own hours ... take your vacations when you want and as many as you want ... I look forward to hearing from you and helping you with all your Tastefully Simple needs. Food, Family, Friends and Fun!
I hope you will join me on my new adventure of blogging at:

3 New Fall/Winter Menus to make dinner time easier

3 New Fall/Winter Menus to make dinner time easier

Who wouldn't love to have their MONTH of meals planned out in advance? I supply the recipes and grocery list and you purchase the TS products and groceries...DINNER SOLUTIONS without the stress..

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