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Do you often wish you were able to get together with your friends and family more often? A Tastefully Simple party is the perfect excuse! Going out is too expensive, and regular entertaining is too much work. But hosting a Tastefully Simple party requires very little prep, and it's a ton of fun!

You and your friends will love all the easy meal ideas we'll talk about...and your family will be thrilled too!

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Most people shrink their dreams to fit their lives; a few grow their lives to fit their dreams. What about you? What are your dreams? Would you like to be able to set your own hours and work toward your own goals? Would you like to be able to help others do the same? Do you love delicious food and great company? Why not give Tastefully Simple a try?!

In 2001, I was newly married, working full-time for the federal government and not really looking for anything when I stumbled across Tastefully Simple. I decided to host a party on a whim. After tasting just a few products, I was hooked! When my husband came home and I told him I was starting a new business, he just looked at me blankly and said, “But you can’t cook!” True. “But,” I responded, “Tastefully Simple makes it look like I can!” I really wasn’t sure what I wanted out of my new business ... a little extra spending money, and maybe just to try something new.

Wow, a lot has changed in the years since then! Tastefully Simple is now a significant part of our family income, and I stay home with two wonderful little boys while running a very successful business on the side. My awesome team is continuing to grow all over the country, and the friendships I have developed with my 'tastebuds' are truly priceless. Tastefully Simple also enables me to earn incredible vacations every year, to places we would probably never get to visit otherwise. And now that my boys are in school, I get to be the mom that volunteers in the classroom and goes on field trips...and I still have plenty of time for myself! My business has grown from a whim to a passion; I often joke that I’ll be a little old lady selling soups in my nursing home someday.

Give me a call and I’ll be happy to help you figure out how a Tastefully Simple business might fit into your own life. Or just book your own taste-testing party or freezer meal workshop to share the fun with your family and friends and see what all the excitement is about!

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