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Great Falls, MT

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my story

I have a simple but tastefully done story.

My name is Louisa and I love to work with people. I am a wife, mom, daughter mother of 4 rescue paw babies.
I have recently relocated to Great Falls Montana from New York.Why?? may you ask. The answer is for a simpler life. Having said that I LOVE my Tastefully Simple Business. My Tastefully Simple Business alloes me the o
I have a full life. You may ask how do I fit Tastefully Simple in my life. I have a simple answer ... I do not fit it into my life it is part of my families life. My husband and I work our business together. At many events you may see our daughter.
We use the products not because we sell them, but rather because they are fantastic and help us with our everyday life. Using the products help spend less in the kitchen and more time together enjoying our lives.
Kevin my husband and partner in life as well as Tastefully Simple is an executive chef, he loves using the products and creating new dishes that he shares with our customers.
When you work with us you become part of a community. So feel free to contact us ..
If you are looking to meet wonderful people and make extra monies why not think of Tastefully Simple.

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