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A Tastefully Simple party is FUN no matter which way you slice it!

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Whichever you choose I'd LOVE to come and pamper you and your friends... Learn about new products, new recipes and my favorite MEAL TIME solutions!

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my story

When I came across Tastefully Simple I was at a crossroads in my life. I was a stay at home mom of two young children and my husband and I were contemplating the issue of myself having to work outside the home. I had made attempts at other direct sales companies, but nothing holds a candle to the success I've had with Tastefully Simple. The products that Tastefully Simple offers are like no other. They are truly easy to prepare gourmet foods for the budget conscious individual who loves to eat!

I can now say that I'm no longer at that crossroads and that I have found a unique opportunity to share with others. Please feel free to contact me at any time regarding the products we offer or if you're interested in taking advantage of an exceptional business opportunity for yourself and your family!

Would love to treat you to a cup of coffee to explore what our business can do for your family, too!

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Earn $500/month for working 1 night a week

No kidding! When we work together to build your Tastefully Simple business plan, we'll create a schedule that allows you to work only 4 times a month and earn an extra $500/mo

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