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Are you trying to figure out what to eat during this time when grocery stores are low on food?

Host a party with me and invite your friends and I will share some amazing solutions where you could have dinner on the table with minimal ingredients!

Do you love finding out new recipes or how versatile TS products are? Or do you just love earning free products?

Host a party right on facebook with me and your friends!

my story

My name is Marylou Berry, I decided I wanted to be part of Tastefully Simple because I love their products and wanted to share it with others.

I started with Tastefully Simple in June of 2013 because I fell in love with the products and in every catalog they up the bar! More now than ever with our TS eat well line!

The best part of Tastefully Simple products are you only need two or less ingredients, you don't have to be a great cook, just mix the product with one or two ingredients and out comes amazing breads, dips, and the list goes on.

While being with Tastefully Simple I've met some amazing clients who I can truly say are my friends! A huge thank you to all of my clients who have stayed with me through this journey and who have shared my contact with others over the years!

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