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Melissa Ciske

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Mount Prospect, IL

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Are you tired of eating the same 5 meals? Is your family always asking "What's for Dinner?" Are you looking for HEALTHY, home cooked meals? THEN I AM HERE TO HELP! With our NEW TS Eat Well products, you can SOLVE all your dinner problems!

With a Freezer Meal Workshop, a Let's Eat In gathering with your friends & family or simply purchasing our newest Everyday Delicious Product Pack - your What's For Dinner dilemma is DONE!

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How would it feel to have a job where you could be flexible with your & your family's schedule?
How would your family feel if there was additional money coming in each month?
What would happen if you didn't have to worry so much and you could actually dream?

I know for my family – it was something we never realized we needed until i began this business!
I joined Tastefully Simple when my boys were 6 & 4. I had just quit my FT job to be home with them. And when I did – I cut our family income in half. At first, the money I earned was the “fun” money – money I could use to go out with the kids. As they grew – the amount of fun money needed grew of course - especially when the BOTH began playing hockey! Then in Oct 2012, my husband lost his job of 17 yrs. The unemployment he received was only enough to cover our insurance. Fortunately my income from Tastefully Simple covered our mortgage payment each month. And thankfully – a year later – he got a new job – but making less than he was previously. Now my Tastefully Simple income continues to pay our mortgage each month and there is still
"fun" money too!

Joining this company was one of the best decisions I have made. It has blessed us in ways I never knew a job could! I like to work - but with Tastefully Simple I am working on MY terms. I have freedom, flexibility, as well as recognition & a sense of accomplishment. I have the opportunity to continually learn new things, make new friends and GROW as a human being. And - I get to help others do the same. I am a DREAMER -a believer - and I belong to a company that REWARDS me for doing just that.

I invite you to hear more about this wonderful opportunity. Let's chat - over coffee, even - and get to know how Tastefully Simple can fit this wonderfully into YOUR life :)

Eating Well While Eating YUM!

Eating Well While Eating YUM!

I try my best to eat a BALANCED diet but I am one who also loves EASY! I don't have a lot of time to experiment with cooking. Our new TS EatWell Products help me Eat Well - Cook Easy!

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