Missy Niosi-Obradovic

Missy Niosi-Obradovic

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Northfield, OH

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Want to shop or have a party with your friends? I'd love to help!
We have all kinds of new products and all-time favorites you and your family will love. Whether your taste is sweet, spicy or a little sassy, just think of me as your own personal shopper and party planner.
So what do you have in mind? Let's get started!

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I have been a Tastefully Simple Consultant for over 6 years now. I have loved the product a lot longer. I always had products in my cupboard and couldn't wait for the next friend to invite me to a party. Then one day when I was at a party I decided to host one of my own so I could get some free products and help my friend get some additional benefits. As I was prepping for my party I thought to myself, I could do this. I figured I would be my own best customer and maybe make a little money on the side. So that evening at my party I ask the consultant (who became my sponsor) to ask everyone at check out if I became a consultant would they host a part for me. With six guests saying yes I signed my consultant agreement and haven't looked back. Tastefully Simple has forever changed my life and I am so grateful for that. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What are you waiting for? Don't put off for tomorrow what you should do today!

Resolve To Be A Better Planner!

Resolve To Be A Better Planner!

Never ask the question, what's for dinner, ever again. Our 10 & 30 meal collections make meal planning a breeze. Attend a freezer meal work shop and put the fun back in your cooking!

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