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Want to be the Dinnertime Hero? Our new Meals kits are here to the rescue. I supply the TS products, recipes -including sides, grocery list - you supply protein and produce. Only $3 per serving w/4-6 servings per meal (this is the cost AFTER you purchase your groceries needed) - Everyone is loving the no stress, ease and deliciousness of these meals. Give them a try! Nothing to lose - only happiness and savings to gain!

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I've been a consultant for 15 years. Tastefully Simple just celebrated their 25th Anniversary as The Original Taste Testing Home Party...I'm here to help you with all your dinnertime dilemmas. BE THE DINNERTIME HERO! We have over 5,000 recipes on our website and a meal planner for a month that can help take the stress out of "WHAT'S FOR DINNER". My goal is to partner with you to make life easier and less complicated in the kitchen..and to have fun as we gather around your kitchen for a simple buffet style fun night in - get your friends/family out of the house for an evening of FUN and help YOU earn some free products. I'm also available to help with any fundraising needs or help you simply have a "VIP shopper discount" on our products as you open up your own TS "Store" or make some MAD $ and party on with your friends. There are so many new avenues with Tastefully Simple I'd love to share with you!

Our Meal Kits- it's WHAT'S FOR DINNER!

Our Meal Kits- it's WHAT'S FOR DINNER!

BE THE DINNERTIME HERO in your family. Meals&More are stress free, EASY, include products, recipes, grocery lists and more.

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