monthly headliners

Monthly headliners are updated on or around the 25th of each month for prior month recognition. 


Recognize Sheri F | Tastefully Simple
Celebrating Sales
Top Achiever: Sheri Friederichs (MN)
Diamond Leader
Top 50 (PDF)


Recognize Amber L | Tastefully Simple
Celebrating Sponsoring
Top Achiever: Amber Lichtle (OH)
Bronze Leader
Top 50 Sponsoring (PDF)


Recognize Tammy T | Tastefully Simple
Celebrating TS to You
Top Achiever: Tammy Tosti (PA)
Gold Leader
Top 25 (PDF)



Celebrating Quarterly Team Sales Growth Bonus

Earners (PDF)



Celebrating Team Recognition

Team Sales Recognition
Earners (PDF)


Team Growth Recognition
Earners (PDF)