wall of fame

Wall of Fame

Those who reach the pinnacle of achievement as Tastefully Simple leaders and business owners are honored on the wall of fame. They shine as role models and mentors for all consultants across the country.

million dollar milestone teams

senior team mentors

Highest level of leadership at Tastefully Simple
Mary Bianco
Mary Bianco (OH)
Kathy Dolan
Kathy Dolan (GA)
Sheri Friederichs
Sheri Friederichs (MN)
Chris Fuqua
Chris Fuqua (OH)
Karen Huntley
Karen Huntley (MD)
Kim Leopardo
Kim Leopardo (IL)
Susan Lindley
Susan Lindley (IL)
DIana McCarthy
Diana McCarthy (CA)
Donna O'Dell-Foltz
Donna O'Dell-Foltz (PA)
Jessalyn Pito
Jessalyn Pito (CT)
Jennifer Raybaud
Jennifer Raybaud (MI)
Cheryl Reamer
Cheryl Reamer (DE)