meal kits

meal kit

dinner? check done.

Simple, fresh meal ideas answer the "What's for dinner?" question.


save time

  • Skip the stress around last minute dinner decisions
  • Meal plan and grocery list included
  • Prep meals in 30 minutes or less

save money

  • Make family-friendly meals for only $4 per serving on average
  • Trade dining out for dining in
  • Meals serve 6

customize at home

  • Personalize your meals by swapping the protein or veggies
  • Shop local for fresh ingredients
  • You add the fresh, we add the flavor

kit of the month

We thought we would outline an example of what you find in one of our meal kits.
Take a look at the Kit of the Month, the Comfort Food 10-Meal Kit

included with each kit:

grocery lists


nutritional facts