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31 Reviews
  • Simply Sue

    Perfect blend!

    All of Tastefully Simple's seasonings are excellent and this one is right up there with the Garlic Garlic! It's a perfect blend for those who love seasoned salt on everything....and of course, pepper!!

  • Kate Coelho

    Perfect pairing for Seasoned Salt

    This is one of the best seasonings TS has brought to the party! Pairs perfectly with Seasoned Salt, I hope they make this a standard item, I never want to see it go!

  • cakesinlove

    Flavor Flavor

    This is fantastic! A great pairing with the Seasoned Salt. I'll be keeping this in my pantry as long as I can!! So good on cooked cabbage, fried potatoes, well, everything!!

  • DanaSelby

    So wonderful on potatoes, vegetables, chicken, etc

    Since I’ve started using Seasoned Pepper it has quickly become a staple at nearly every meal. I use this is place of regular pepper for most dishes.

  • Michelle0130

    Standard Line is calling its name!

    My family and I absolutely LOVE Seasoned Pepper! It brings so much FLAVOR to the table. It has become a staple in my kitchen. Please consider keeping this permanently!

  • chicklet

    Love Seasoned Pepper

    The seasoned pepper is awesome! Even my grandchildren love it! It tastes so good on meats and casseroles. Please make this a permanent seasoning at Tastefully Simple.

  • Lsivrn

    Winner! Winner!

    My family and I love the flavor of this Seasoned Pepper! Flavor without overpowering the dish, and I love that it's sodium free! I'm hoping this becomes a standard product in the Tastefully Simple lineup!

  • Hol513

    Love it!!!

    I am loving this new seasoning! It’s great on eggs and basically anything you’d put pepper on! It’s pepper with Pizzazz!

  • TSwithMichele

    Pepper Lovers will love this!!!!

    I am a huge fan of pepper! This has way more flavor than your ordinary pepper! So good on any vegetable, meats, everything really!

  • Bacon Bacon

    Bacon Bacon is what I like can't get it here

    I love to put the bacon bacon on eggs and baked potatoes and also make a dip out of it