Magic Chicken

Magic Chicken Slow Cooker | Tastefully Simple

Make any meal magic!

Your slow cooker does all the work of creating moist, perfectly seasoned chicken - enough for tonight's dinner AND to tuck into the freezer for several future meals. Available in both original and taco blends. Get them both with our special introductory offer Magic Chicken Duo™ and save $2.


So convenient! Batch cooking for fresh and fast dinners & snacks.

Magic Chicken Make It | Tastefully Simple
Make It
Combine chicken, water and seasoning blend. Slow cook for 5-7 hours.


Magic Chicken Freeze It | Tastefully Simple
Freeze It
Chop or shred cooked chicken, and divide into 2-cup portions for easy use.


Magic Chicken Use It | Tastefully Simple
Use It
Make dinner in a snap with your prepared chicken.