Onion Onion™ Seasoning

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No chopping, no tears! Sprinkle this premium blend of onions, shallots, chives and sea salt into virtually everything. Add to sour cream for a delicious dip.

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  • No chopping, no tears! Sprinkle this premium blend of onions, shallots, chives and sea salt into virtually everything. Add to sour cream for a delicious dip. Serves 226. (4 oz.).
  • Breakfast Broccoli Hash: Who needs potatoes with this low-carb hash? Broccoli slaw mix, riced cauliflower and peppers sautéed with bacon and Onion Onion Seasoning. Finished with a fried egg. Also features Spinach & Herb Seasoning.
  • Stir into mashed or scalloped potatoes.
  • Add flavor to omelets and scrambled eggs.
  • Sprinkle into simmering spaghetti sauce or slow cooker dishes.
  • Stir into sloppy joes or ground beef casseroles.
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onion onion seasoning

Onion Onion Dip
2 tablespoons Onion Onion Seasoning
1 cup sour cream*

1. Combine ingredients; blend well.

2. Chill 2 hours.

Makes about 1 cup dip.

* Lighten it up: use light sour cream instead.

ts eatwell

INGREDIENTS: Onion, garlic, sea salt, shallots, red bell pepper, parsley, chives, leeks, citric acid.

Manufactured in a facility that processes wheat, milk, egg, soy and fish.

Certified Kosher-parve by Kof-K

Kosher-parve by Kof-K

No gluten ingredients

No gluten ingredients

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49 Reviews
  • Barbara Schwab

    Onion onion

    This will always be in my cupboard. We love making chip dip with it. Along with daily spice for cooking.

  • Rita

    Onion, Onion

    Great product! Can’t cook without it!

  • Chris

    Best dehydrated onion seasoning

    This is the perfect seasoning when you don't have any fresh onion in your pantry!

  • Kathy Tielrooy

    Very good

    We will be buying more!

  • Faye

    Great Multipurpose Seasoning

    I really like the Onion Onion Seasoning because it has so many uses and adds such good flavor. I’ve always thrown a whole onion into soups and stews, as my mother taught me, for added flavor, but when a friend introduced me to Onion Onion, I started adding a few shakes of it, too. It really made a difference! My husband is always adding things to his plated up dinner (lol, I wonder if I’m a bland cook, but everyone else says what I cook is fine and he does it in restaurants, too). Seasoned salt, tons of pepper and, now his new favorite, Onion Onion. I’m really satisfied with this product and recommend everyone give it a try.

  • Adrienne

    The best product ever

    We must have two bottles in stock at all times. Perfect for a French onion dip, flavor sauces, veggies and meats! We can’t live without it

  • Sandi

    Onion Onion

    So much easier to use in a meat loaf than trying to chop an onion small enough so onion haters don't complain.

  • Michelle

    Onion Onion

    This is another one of my Favorites! I add this to everything too!

  • Amanda


    This is WAY too salty when used as a dip, I can’t eat it it makes my mouth hurt from the salt. . Maybe it will be better on something.

  • Zelda Hodge

    The Very Best Seasoning Ever

    I've been using this seasoning for years. Always make sure there's some on hand during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to give great flavor to so many of the dishes made during this time. I've introduced this to friends and family, who also rave about it!!!!