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  • LadyoftheLake


    Let me tell you. I cleaned out a cabinet and there it was in the back!! It was 2017!!! I should of saved the box. This cake was amazing!!! The only thing I did was add a little almond flavoring. It was a fresh as the ones I made “3”three years ago bought at the same time!!! I did order two more!!! Great product!!! KUDOS!!!

  • nonni01188

    Best Almond Cookies

    Every year for Halloween I use the Absolute Almond Pound Cake mix to make Witches Finger Cookies formy grandchildren. They look forward for them.

  • snaccident

    **THE** best pound cake i ever had

    need i say more! it's so delish. I use this in a muffing pan and some crushed pineapple to make mini pineapple upside-down cakes. YUM!

  • FullPantryGal

    Best pound cake ever!

    We love this pound cake in my house. So full of floavore and can use it to make cookies, trifles, and more.

  • Cindys favoritisms

    You’ll never want another pound cake!

    Just delicious and very moist. Love it! No other pound cake compares to this one

  • Poundcakegirl123

    Almond pound cake

    Sooo good.. Make sure to order atleast two!!! Trust me !!

  • JenR


    We loved this item! Will definitely be purchasing it again!

  • NJbaker

    This pound cake is moist and delicious!

    This is our favorite summer dessert with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. The problem is there are never any leftovers!!

  • msepeterson

    Best Pound cake EVER

    We love the Almond Pound cake and make several variations of it. Our favorite is making it as is and sprinkling powdered sugar over the top. Or we serve it warm out of the oven with ice cream. Soooo good!

  • Beccaann

    Almond pound cake

    This pound cake is delicious, moist & flavorful!! It is definitely one of my favorite TS items!!!!