Bacon Bacon BLT

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  • Amber S

    Nice change up to the normal BLT

    I will say. I’m not really a fan of sour cream or mayo. But when you mix them together and then add Bacon Bacon it’s pretty tasty!!! Definitely enjoyed adding this extra level of flavor to the normal BLT. And all my kids enjoyed it too. Will definitely be making BLTs this way from now on.

  • Sylvia

    BLT to the MAX!

    My new favorite way to make BLTs...this is the only way I will make them any more.

  • Sylvia

    Another winner! BLT to the max!

    Have always loved BLTs ... this take it to a whole new level! Family ate these up!

  • TSfan2300

    BEST BLT!!

    I toast the Beer Bread lightly and use home grown tomatoes - Bacon Bacon adds so much more flavor!!! It's a must try