Better Than Grandma's Irish Bread

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16 Reviews
  • Micki Murphy

    Family Favoriter

    Closest I've come to my mother's recipe. We make it in a pie plate and take about 10 minutes off the baking time. I'm now expected to bring this to our family brunch on Christmas Eve morning. All the Irish cousins love it.

  • TSMomBoss

    No fuss Irish Bread

    4 ingredients! Buttermilk or milk of your choice, raisins, a package of Bountiful Beer Bread Mix, and butter! Then Bake! No brainer and no mess. This bread is delicious and moist. Plump raisins to add just the right amount of sweetness. Mmmmm...... cut thick slices to toast for breakfast on the go!

  • Debi P

    Best Irish Soda Bread

    This is so easy and tasty! Better than any I have ever purchased already made!

  • tsdenisem

    TRY IT!

    This is the BEST Irish Soda Bread recipe! It is so quick and easy and it tastes great! A hint of sweetness and super moist! Have been making this for YEARS and my family loves it! It is gone in 1 day overtime!

  • PamG

    LOVE this!

    We make it all the time and especially love it toasted and sprinkled with a little cinnamon! Soooo goood!!!

  • Irish Bread Fan

    Don't buy Irish Bread, make it!

    This bread never lasts long in our house! It is great any time of day!