Bountiful Beer Bread Bowl

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  • LisaMarie

    Beer Bread/Bowl

    I made it as a bread bowl! It is awesome! I made it along with the Warm Spinach & Artichoke Dip! Winner!!!

  • Dilly


    The Bountiful Bread Bowl is FABULOUS with a dill dip!

  • Wright1157

    Best bread bowl

    Love, love it! My family likes making them together.

  • PJcooking

    easy, and looked great.

    I made this tonight, adding about a tsp of dill weed and 1/2 tsp each of onion and garlic powder. "Medium Bowl" wasn't sufficiently descriptive, so I measured the capacity of a standard loaf pan by filling it with water (2 qts) and then did the same with my various bowls. An old Pyrex bowl was a perfect fit. The bread was delicious; I lopped off the top and chunked it up, then scooped/pulled out much if the insides and chunked that up too. I filled it with a double recipe of spinach herb dip. It was a big hit with my guests. My only two issues (hence four not five stars) were 1) the lack of specificity on the bowl size, and 2) the bread from the inside didn't have enough body to dip; the crusty pieces were fine, but not the others.

  • Annie72

    Best get together snack!

    I made this with the spinach and herb dip (I added water chestnuts for crunch) and took it to a family get together. It was a huge hit! No left overs!!

  • Mina

    Big hit!

    Used this at a party with Spinach and Herb Dip in the middle. It was great! So easy to make!

  • MealtimeSolutionProvider

    Easy to make!

    The bread bowl was easy to make and tasted delicious! Love putting the spinach and herb dip mix in the center. It was a good thing I made an extra beer bread because it went fast!